morbid matter massage in hk

Tui Na Medical Massage technique looks similar in some ways to Swedish massaging technique, as it includes the same types of strokes used to increase the movement of blood and lymph. However, Tui na practitioners also consider the flow of energy, or Qi, to target areas. Dalak khishan(rough massage):Massage done with a piece of rough cloth. It draws blood briskly towards the skin. It is used in chronic skin diseases for the resolution of morbid matter massage in hk Dalak amlas (smooth massage): Massage done with soft hands or soft piece of cloth. It increases the flow of blood in the affected part. Dalak istardad or dalak musakkin (recuperative massage): Massage is done after the end of exercise. It is often used in clinical treatment for injuries of the muscular system. In many cases the client can remain clothed, unless external applications such as liniments, poultices or herbal packs are being used. Tui Na Medical Massage technique is an ancient form of Chinese massage technique, said to be the inspiration for Swedish massage technique developed by Per Henrik Ling in the early 1800′s.